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What is Public Health? For more information on Public Health click on links below: Faculty of Public Health: Public Health England: Health Education Wessex: Public Health Online Resource for Careers, Skills and Training

Master of Public Health Hofstra's MPH program emphasizes both the theoretical foundations of public health as well as its practical application. The competency-based curriculum is designed to provide health professionals with the analytical and statistical knowledge and skills required for successful public health practice and research. For...

Public Health 91: Disparities in Healthcare. Lecture 6: Undocumented Immigrants and Medical Care UCI PubHlth 91: Disparities in Healthcare (Winter 2013) Lec 06. Disparities in Healthcare -- Undocummented and Medical Care -- View the complete course: Instructor: Oladele Ogunstein, Ph.D. & Leo Chavez, Ph.D. License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA Terms of Use:...

Honduras: Public Health System at Risk to be Privatized The Honduras Doctors Association is leading a struggle against the governments intentions of approving a new general health law, which will privatize the health service. Our Correspondent, Gerardo Torres has the story.