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Health Videos

Master of Public Health Hofstra's MPH program emphasizes both the theoretical foundations of public health as well as its practical application. The competency-based curriculum is designed to provide health professionals with the analytical and statistical knowledge and skills required for successful public health practice and research. For...

Public Health 91: Disparities in Healthcare. Lecture 6: Undocumented Immigrants and Medical Care UCI PubHlth 91: Disparities in Healthcare (Winter 2013) Lec 06. Disparities in Healthcare -- Undocummented and Medical Care -- View the complete course: Instructor: Oladele Ogunstein, Ph.D. & Leo Chavez, Ph.D. License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA Terms of Use:...

Honduras: Public Health System at Risk to be Privatized The Honduras Doctors Association is leading a struggle against the governments intentions of approving a new general health law, which will privatize the health service. Our Correspondent, Gerardo Torres has the story.