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Uganda Public Health Immersion – Teaser

Uganda Public Health Immersion – Teaser

Uganda Public Health Immersion – Teaser
Just outside the chaos of Kampala, Mpigi remains largely rural farmland. Despite the district’s natural resources and proximity to the capital, residents struggle to obtain even basic health services and education due to lacking infrastructure and other challenges.

Using soccer fields as literal common ground, the USC volunteers team up with students from Uganda’s Makerere University each year. Together they plan educational sessions and spend a week in the villages leading lectures, games and discussions with local youth.

In 2016, 1,200 children from 40 schools cycled between health lessons and soccer classes in day camp throughout the district.

The lessons covered health and development subjects ranging from hygiene to gender roles. Each camp participant received a workbook, t-shirt, backpack and school supplies; teachers were given lesson packets to recreate the camp activities throughout the school year.

In the soccer rotations, students trained with professional coaches and scrimmaged for a chance to move on to the final district tournament on the fifth day.

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