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Storage Facility

Our 5 Favorite Storage Facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah

We review our highest rated self storage units

When it comes to renting a self storage unit, you want to know your personal belongings are going to be safe, secure, and properly cared for. It’s why our staff has reviewed and put together this list of storage facilities that we consider to be the best in Salt Lake City. Fully equipped with top level security, elite customer service, and excellent reviews by those who have used the service. You can’t go wrong with any of these and we’re saving the best for last so please read through all of them to see what fits you best.

Cubes Self Storage

1053 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City UT 84106

Cubes Self Storage brings luxury and convenience to the world of storage facilities. Located in the Millcreek area just west of the Brickyard Plaza Shopping Center and the Home Depot, on East 3300 South. They’re fully equipped with a drive in, load and unload breezeway that protects you from the elements and keeps you out of the weather. They have a large quantity of carts and friendly staff so their customers are never left waiting around for anything. Moving is easy with their full sized, hospital grade, elevators for moving your belongings up and down levels with ease and plenty of space. However, our favorite feature was the free use of their 14-foot moving truck, you can use it for up to 8 hours at move in. Not having to rent a truck or ask a few friends to help you out with theirs makes the whole process that much easier. Heated and cooled units are available keeping your furniture, clothes, books, pictures and electronic items protected and dry.

AAA Sugar House Storage

450 E 2200 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

AAA Sugar House Storage is this excellent family owned and operated facility at 450 East and 2200 South (Wentworth Ave) just South of St. Ann’s Catholic School and Church. The units are range from 5×5 to 5×8, so they’re not for holding all the belongings of an entire house, but if that’s all the space you need they’re amazing people, nice, friendly , and caring. Plus, they truly mean it when they say they’re dedicated to delivering the best price possible for the unit you rent. They have indoor and outdoor units to satisfy your preference and they provide an extremely secure rental experience. On top of their security gates and locks, they have 24 hour security cameras to keep a close watch on your things.

Towne Storage

510 W 100 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Towne Storage in Salt Lake City, Poplar Grove area, offers everything you’d expect from a larger, national style storage company. That brings with it a lot of good things that everyone should like. They offer units in a variety of sizes and competitive pricing plans so you feel good that you’re getting what you pay for. You can access your units 365 days a year and they store everything from household items to the loading of cars, boats and recreational vehicles (RVs). The facility is air cooled and the construction of their buildings is done so they’re fortified against fire. From a security standpoint the property is monitored 24 hours a day with individual key code access to the gates and individually alarmed units giving you peace of mind that your possessions are safe from theft or destruction. You can’t go wrong with a great storage facility like this.

Security Pro Storage

471 W 500 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

This place is not only beautiful with all the amenities you could want in downtown Salt Lake City, but it’s a fully equipped storage facility. Storage units are indoors and temperature controlled with both heating and cooling to keep your personal belongings in the same condition you take them in. They have multiple bays to pull into while unloading your belongings so even when the snow and ice is all around you, you can access your unit and your things without having to deal with the weather. Security cameras are in abundance and monitored by a well trained staff to compliment their gates, locks, doors, and monitors. When you have valuable possessions that you want treated and protected as best as they possibly can be then you want to take a tour with Security Pro Storage.

East Warehouse Self Storage
2502 N Fairfield Rd
Layton, UT 84040

North of Salt Lake City doesn’t usually get the same amount of attention as everything closer to downtown and Capitol Hill does but if you are North of the city then these guys have it figured out. East Warehouse Self Storage is a locally-owned, family operated self storage company located in Layton, Utah. They have two locations and give you everything you need, nothing you don’t for safely storing your precious belongings. The friendly service jumps out at you right away and they stay committed to having staff who are engaged with their customers and seemingly ensuring their belongings are cared for as if they were the owner’s. It’s an outdoor facility with storage units that are meticulously clean, safe, and secured by a five star security system that seems like over-kill for the size of the properties and the location but security is something I appreciate having too much of. They also have storage space for boats, trailers, and RVs. For anything you are looking to store, you should stop by and visit East Warehouse Self Storage. For more information visit their site here: